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Let’s Talk about Workaholism

Is it normal? Is it healthy? And how can you dial back work focus when it’s negatively impacting ...

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5 Medical Device Careers to Consider in 2021

​Thinking about a career in med tech? Or looking for your next step? There has never been a bett...

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​3 Reasons You’re Not Attracting the Best Med-Device Talent

Before anyone had heard of Covid-19, the global market for medical devices and technologies was ...

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​10 ways your PhD helps you to stand out in the jobs market

You’ve achieved something amazing. You got your PhD! This isn’t just a fantastic academic experie...

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How do you lead multigenerational workforces?

​3 tips for leading multigenerational workforces We look at the ways life science organisations c...

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​Life after PhD: Where do you go from here?

Ok, you have your PhD or you’re working on it, but what’s next? It’s a question that thousands of...

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What Are The Biggest Talent Challenges That LS Organisations Face?

​Exploring the biggest roadblocks in Life Sciences talent and how organisations can evolve to ove...

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How is Digitisation Transforming R&D in the Life Sciences?

A digital revolution is quickly changing the way Research and Development works in the Life Scien...

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Enhance Your Chances of Getting an Interview

​In general, a job opening attracts between 200 and 300 applications. At most, six of these candi...

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Does the life sciences sector have an image problem?

Our recent Talent in Science (TIS) report found that although 244,000 Marketing Managers are work...

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​Embracing a new way of working

In our last blog we summarised the current challenges and trends for recruitment in Life Sciences...

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What do you want to achieve during your internship?

​Starting an internship is an exciting opportunity — finally, you’ve made it through school and a...

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​Current challenges and trends for recruitment in Life Sciences

The world of work is changing rapidly and, as organizations throughout the European Life Sciences...

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How to ramp up your digital skills

​It’s no secret that artificial intelligence and robotics are poised to transform the world of wo...

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8 Things Not To Do In Your First Year Of Work

​After long weeks of CV formatting and interviewing you’ve finally landed a job. Whether it’s you...

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How to know if you'll get along with a new boss

​Starting a new job can be intimidating — but if you don’t get along with your new boss, it can b...

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Six common interview questions - and how to answer them

The days leading up to an important job interview can be exciting — but also a bit nerve wracking...

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