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3x3x3: Is learning a numbers game?

​Why do you learn new things? Is it because you’re constantly curious? Because you’re trying to l...

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Sleep your way to better wellness (and better work)

​You’ve probably heard it more than once in your life, ‘sleep is the best medicine’. Your mum pro...

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​Finding, keeping, and developing tech talent: Mission impossible?

Great tech talent is more than a nice-to-have – it’s crucial for any modern organisation. But how...

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The boomerang employees: the art of coming back

​Companies around the world and across almost every industry are experiencing severe talent short...

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​5 tips to inspire you to be more productive in 2022

Over the past couple of years, working from home has become the norm for many of us. And many em...

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​Your practical guide to creating a successful career map in 2022

You get up every morning and go to work. Now and then, an interesting job posting catches your e...

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New year. New job. How to set goals in the first few days of a new role

You may already have a new role lined up for 2022. Or you may be planning to get serious about y...

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​Should you be taking more risks to accelerate your career in 2022?

Building a career isn’t easy. It requires planning, hard work, and belief in your ability to do ...

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​Find (and keep!) your motivation in 2022: 7 ways to stay motivated at work

You’re great at what you do. You have a clear roadmap of where you want your career to take you. ...

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Partnering with a large global pharma company to find Freelance Project Program Managers.

​We worked with a global pharma organisation to help them find niche talent to support both prod...

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Finding freelance tech talents for a global software company fast.

We worked with a leading tech company to help them to find experts, independent digital and IT sp...

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KellyOCG EMEA Named an RPO Leader on the 2021 Baker’s Dozen List

​​Our customers have spoken and named KellyOCG a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) leader in ...

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Contact or Ghost: Who is Haunting your LinkedIn Contact List?

We are constantly told how important it is to build and grow our professional network. How many c...

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Let’s Talk about Workaholism

Is it normal? Is it healthy? And how can you dial back work focus when it’s negatively impacting ...

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5 Medical Device Careers to Consider in 2021

​Thinking about a career in med tech? Or looking for your next step? There has never been a bett...

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​3 Reasons You’re Not Attracting the Best Med-Device Talent

Before anyone had heard of Covid-19, the global market for medical devices and technologies was ...

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​10 ways your PhD helps you to stand out in the jobs market

You’ve achieved something amazing. You got your PhD! This isn’t just a fantastic academic experie...

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​Life after PhD: Where do you go from here?

Ok, you have your PhD or you’re working on it, but what’s next? It’s a question that thousands of...

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How do you lead multigenerational workforces?

​3 tips for leading multigenerational workforces We look at the ways life science organisations c...

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Does the life sciences sector have an image problem?

Our recent Talent in Science (TIS) report found that although 244,000 Marketing Managers are work...

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