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Finding freelance tech talents for a global software company fast.

We worked with a leading tech company to help them to find experts, independent digital and IT specialists quickly and efficiently. Using our wide talent network, we were able to fill open positions in less than 5 days (from initial interview to project start).

The Challenge

A global software company, providing cloud computing solutions for enterprise organisations, was looking for immediately available and highly qualified digital and IT specialists for a short-term, high-volume internal project. It was important to the success of the project to find this talent fast. The client asked Kelly to source qualified independent talent from around the world to fill multiple roles.

The Solution

We leveraged our deep network of tech freelancers to immediately present a selection of available and highly qualified experts who met the client’s needs. This led to a fast talent recruitment within less than 2-5 days (from initial interview to project start).

The Results

Kelly matched and filled positions in the shortest time possible and with even higher complexity. Starting by design, concept, architectural planning to backend and frontend development. This high-speed approach to sourcing empowered the company to create and launch the new program three times faster than with traditional resources.

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