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Finding a job you love Finding a job you love: myths and reality  
We explore the myths many of us are (perhaps unwittingly) following in our careers and in the way we lead our organisations, and we discuss some simple lessons from one of the world’s elite athletes to help us all do more of what we love, and love more of what we do.
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DON'T TELL ME WHO YOU ARE Don't tell me who you are. Show me.  
What unites your most dedicated employees? What makes working for your company different from others in your industry—not from the perspective of marketers and professional image-makers, but based on what your employees feel about their daily routines and each other? Most job candidates see through employer brands that feel too scripted and too perfect. They don't want to be told who you are; they want you to show them.
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 Global Market Brief Q3 2012 Global Market Brief & Labor Risk Index, Q3 2012 Update 
This report, a proprietary blend leveraging Kelly’s labor market knowledge with Eurasia Group’s expertise in political and socio-economic risk analysis, delivers a groundbreaking resource for companies as they assess market investments and global labor strategies.    
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Kelly Services brings you live action from #TruLondon 
Join us on Monday October 22nd and Tuesday October 23rd for live debates from leading experts in the recruiting and talent acquisitions world as they discuss the hottest topics affecting the world of work right now.   
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 The autonomous and empowered workforce The Autonomous and Empowered Workforce 
This fourth installment of the 2012 KGWI looks at issues surrounding job mobility and career progression as part of a shift to a more autonomous and empowered workforce. It shows a changing attitude on the part of employees, with more embracing the notion of gaining new experiences and skills with multiple employers.   
 What makes a good leader? What makes a good leader? Really listen to what your employees want!  
The Kelly Global Workforce Index results show there is a serious disconnect between what employees want from their leaders and what they actually get. Kelly Services Senior Vice President EMEA, Leif Agnéus discusses the various aspects of leadership and employee preferences.   
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 Viritual Scientific Workplace The Virtual Scientific Workplace 
The days of the insular workplace may be approaching their end, especially in the science industry. As the need to address the global marketplace has arrived, most companies have found they must free themselves from the constraints of bricks and mortar. Additionally, this means embracing the knowledge sharing that is happening around the world.  
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 Don't manage me  Don't Manage Me, #understand me 
This whitepaper looks at the challenges organisations face when responding to generational issues. With a focus on leveraging the Gen Y mindset and making it work within your organisation the paper outlines the need to stop trying to manage Gen Y employees and learn to understand them.
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European Career Guide

European Career Guide: Outlook and Opportunities for Next-in-Line Managers Across the Region 
The European Career Guide focuses on the EMEA market, and what this means for employees looking for their next step. It also has a focus on sustainability, higher-level skills, and an open labour market and features an exclusive blog post by Kelly Services PT Director, Dominic Graham on what to do in the first six months of a new job.
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 Want to keep talent?(1)

Want to keep talent? Give them an opportunity to develop!
Employees are seeking meaning and a sense of achievement in their work - without it they will look elsewhere in spite of economic uncertainty. Organisations and employees have common goals – they both wish to maximise individual achievement and performance. Yet, these common goals are experiencing a clear disconnect, which is compounding issues of retention, turnover and productivity. 
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The Leadership Disconnect
This third instalment of the 2012 KGWI examines the issue of leadership in the contemporary workplace from the employee perspective. It explores the way that workers think about the quality, direction, and style of leadership, and the degree to which they share the goals of those who head their organisations.
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 KGWI 2012 Topic 2 Ad Block - Social Media At Work

Employees Embracing Social Media at Work but Anxious about the Consequences
44% of UK employees feel that social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, is impacting negatively on workplace productivity. However, only 6% of the British workforce has been told to stop using social media at work.
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 2012 KGWI Topic 1 Acquisition & Retention in War for Talent

British Workers Restless and Considering Job Change
Three quarters of UK employees intend to search for a job with another company within the next year. The ‘Baby Boomer’ generation is the most restless with 81% stating they will be searching for another job in the next 12 months.
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 Employees Leaving

They won't tell you they're leaving
Not so long ago, counter-offers and an open dialogue about employment dissatisfaction were common. When employees planned their careers inside one organisation, and sought to stay put rather than moving organisations or industries, the platform for this dialogue was there.  
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